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Dreams is a family owned and operated company and one of the few retailers in the country that still manufacture their own prducts; which is why we can guantee our customers the highest quality and the best prices.

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Our mattresses are 100% American-Made, as well as the other products we carry. We carefully handcraft each part of the mattress, using all premium foams, high resilience coils, non toxic fibers, and the most stretch and breathable knits, making sure that every piece is made with precision and love under strict quality controls. 


We have designed a business model that save our customers some money by avoiding middlemen commissions, high retail costs, large storage fees and more. We don't inflate our prices in order to give "amazing discounts. We reduced some costs as much as possible so we can offer prices that are already as low as they could be, so we don't lie about fictitious sales or play with our customers's pockets. 



There is one thing about buying at Dreams; you will be appreciated. We stand by our customers, so we provide the best service there could ever be. From a charming welcome to our showroom (s) to meeting our customers expectations on their mattress search. At Dreams, we don't hide from circumstances that could occur, we face them and work towards a solution that will always benefit our customers.

Factory - Home


Same day delivery is good, but same day manufactured mattress and delivered is even better!

We don't storage mattresses, we don't have piles of 10 mattresses that will harm your future bed. Each mattress bought at Dreams, is just made for each customer, and delivered to their homes right after packing it and sealing it. 

Let us help you build the perfect sleep time. 

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