The Pocket Mattress

We would like to introduce you our very own Pocket Mattress. Handrcafted to perfection, specially made to each and one of customers. Built over OmniTouch┬« coils to provide the best support, to create areas of greater support, and to comfort pressure points such as the hips, back and shoulders.Designed with all premium layers in order to provide the best comfort, and prevent motion transfer. Equiped on the edges with our edge support system that extend the lifespan of the mattress on a very used zone as the edges. Quilted on the top with breathable fabric to assure freshness while sleeping, and the greatest feel. 

What's inside.

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The Pocket Family

Pocket Medium
Stretch Knit
Pocket Plush
Pocket FIirm

Now is time to meet

our EuroPocket.

As every good thing, there is always an even better version of it. Pocket's got its own best Euro-Pillow version. Designed to provide a step above of comfort, support, and durability.

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